Have been creating Mods for WoT since even before WG officially introduced the res_mods folder in 7.1. After 4 years doing so I have finally retired. If someone picks up my mods and makes updates for coming versions, I will happily link their pages/threads to the respective mod in the mods section of my page.
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“Farewell has a sweet sound of reluctance. Good-bye is short and final, a word with teeth sharp to bite through the string that ties past to the future.” ― John Steinbeck. It is with a bit heavy heart I write these lines, but I have to announce my retirement from modding for World of Tanks. I stood by the game since 6.6 came in August 2011 and started modding shortly afterwards. Looking back, I can say I learned a lot about coding and I had quite a good time doing so. :)   Lately it however felt more like a 2nd job working hard and less than a fun hobby to get all the mods working again with the next patch. Having lately spent almost the entire month since release to get everything working again to my standards, seeing it all go to hell again with the next CT iteration is very frustrating. (I know WG is reworking the game to finally have a nice mod API, but the current transition is slowly killing me. I hope future modders that fill the hole I leave behind will benefit from it.) I will keep my account, and likely play the game once in a while, but to be honest I also do not like the way WoT is evolving more towards a FPS style game lately. Maps I quite liked for the difference they make in playstyle like Dragon Ridge ("Oh gawd..heavies take a minute to climb the hill!!!!" - So what? Use the time to think about tactics and look at the minimap for a change.) and others get removed or remodelled into closed off corridors with no proper means of crossfire support. It also feels there are less and less tanks with some unique playstyles or properties. Everything gets nerfed or buffed to achieve almost the same level. ShuraBB and his team on RU forums maintain my HD Minimap Mod for coming WoT releases now. I have put up a link you to their page/thread from the HD Minimap button in the Mods section here on this website. :) TLDR: I need to take a break from modding and WoT in general. I most likely will not return to modding this game, as the process devours too much of my spare time, that I'd like to put towards some fun or family related activities.
Farewell and Thank you all!