Illegal Mods? What are those?

...that question is often asked on EU forums. Sadly there is no clear answer or policy on this from WG Paris (at least it is not easy to find). I will try to gather some information, scarce as it is and try to draw up some examples of mods that will get you in trouble. Lets start on what info the official channels give us: "The rule of thumb I usually give is: If somone needs to ask others if mod X is allowed, then it probably isn't and you shouldn't use it." -- iScending, WG EU community coordinator Well that does not provide much of a guideline and if read maliciously, it would lead to the statement, that as long as I am too stupid, ignorant or an asshole to think or ask about a mods legality, then everything is peachy. If we dig around and take a look at the developer rules for creation of web sites and mods using WGs content we find: No modifications shall be created which, according to, bring undesirable changes to the gameplay of Games. The list includes, but is not limited to:   Transparent textures on game objects penetrated by game armament. Replacement of game models with collision models. Explicit highlighting of game objects that may seem dangerous as non-hazardous (e.g., white textures on destroyed tanks). Any changes to auto-aim (e.g., leading targets, automatic targeting of vulnerable areas). Fixing for the player the position of the other players that are not visible by the rules of the game visibility (locking the position of the player that disappeared from sight on map by tracer flares, display of the name of an enemy player that inflicted a non-critical hit remaining out of sight, etc.). Fixing the destruction of destructible objects on the minimap. Camera which is not attached to the position of a player, a “free” camera, able to move in three dimensions, and the use of artillery mode for other types of vehicles. Using keyboard macros in game situations (e.g., automation of work of “manual fire extinguisher”, except for an automatic shot from a reloaded weapon). Indication of an aiming point of other players which is different from its visual representation based on the position of a standard, unmodified 3D vehicle model operated by the player. Full or partial automation sending a vehicle to battle, its operating and firing (use of bots).

This means in no way a binding legal

argument for players, but might be

considered a good guideline to think about:

  Models that show the internal module and crew hitbox location ("glass skins"). Transparent textures on ingame foliage and trees (agent orange mods). White dead tank skins. Aimbots. Tracer modifications. Display of a tank- or playername that hit you, when said tank is not spotted. Display of destruction events on trees, fences, walls, etc. on the minimap to show enemy movement. Free camera mods. Keyboard macros or mods that simulate premium extinguishers with normal ones. Mods that show enemy turret aim direction to the player. Bot programs.  In light of the recent ESL ban wave, we might not be sure what, if and when WG EU changes its policy about mods, but we know it could practically happen over night. According to the TOS “User Generated Content” any derivative work of their game is their property and they can ban and sanction the author of this UGC. Number 3.10 states: “…and to take any other steps which we consider appropriate.”
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What are illegal mods?