I got mods…how to install those now?

Here I will introduce you to a neat and comfortable way for managing your mods with Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME). It allows you to install and uninstall mods per simple click and also backs up any files a mod might overwrite and restores the files when you deactivate the mod. No more problems with mods irreversibly breaking each other by overwriting files. First we start out by downloading this nice little tool from my mediafire repository:  Download JSGME Now to set it up:   Go to your “World_of_Tanks” game folder. (e.g. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\) Copy the JSGME.exe into said folder. Create a new folder named “MODS”. The result should look like this:

Copy your mods to the MODS folder, seperately into neatly named folders so

you can recognize what they do. Make sure the mods inside the MODS folder are

organized in the right structure.

They need to have res_mods or res folder right inside their name folder (e.g.


All my mods are packaged this way so not to worry, but other modders might

not follow this rule.

(The JSGME archive from my mediafire account comes with a small example mod and ReadMe to

better show you what I mean.)

  Now onto using this tool: When you doubleclick the JSGME.exe you get prompted to give it the MODS folder. “MODS” is the default folder, so just click Okay. Now you get to see sth. like that: On the left side, you see the neatly descriptive folder names I was mentioning. Each one should contain one of your mods. On the right side, you see the currently active mods. You can simply select a mod on the right side and activate it via this “>” button. You can disable the mod the same way with the “<” button: You can also disable all the mods via the << button. This is handy when for example a new Patch comes out and you want to remove all mods to start fresh. The “Tasks…” menu offers some interesting methods for saving and restoring mod profiles: This way you can quickly switch between mod configurations for ESL, randoms, WGL and other things you might want. JSGME also checks for compatibility issues mods might have. If an mod you want to install would overwrite stuff another mod already modified, you will get a warning dialog popup. Most of the time there is no problem, as some mods share for example the same python loader codes and work well together. It is mainly a thing to keep in mind if stuff does not work the way it should. Well…thats it basically. You have set up JSGME for WoT and will never have trouble installing or removing mods in the future. If you have questions or remarks on this tutorial, you can contact me  by my contact form. Thank you for reading this far and happy tanking!


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How to install and manage mods?