Sothink SWF Decompiler allows you to easily swap and exchange Images and edit Text inside SWF files. However the software is commercial and may be above your monetary resources. I can recommend it for the easygoing experience, but you can also achieve these things a little less comfortable using a freeware tool: JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler Example uses for this techniquie would be replacing the damage panel background with one that has the famous killerente angling indicator drawn in. Open the flash file you want to mod, and look for texts and images you want to change. You still may have to export and photoshop the images you want to have in there. But the process itself is pretty self explanatory and straightforward. You can also change positions and size of some of the elements, when you find the sprite holding your image. An easy way to get an overview of the sfw architecture you are about to modify, is having a look at it using the free trial version of Sothink SWF Decompiler. Make a note of the elements ID number (expand the tree on the right hand panel and have a good look around) and then locate the same one in JPEXS for modification. Keep in mind that some texts are dynamically changed by flash code programming called actionscript. Changing those will be subject of another tutorial. As always: If you got specific problems or questions, feel free to contact me though the contacts page of this website. Tutorial Not finished yet. Most of the programming backend of WoT is Python 2.7.1 based. The res/scripts folder of your game contains hundreds of compiled python files, that handle a lot of whats going on. To edit those, you first need to decompile the binary pyc files to readable py scripts. A nice and easy way of doing this is Easy Python Decompiler. It comes with an nice GUI shell and allows for bulk decompilation of entire script folders. Make sure to select uncompyle2 as decompiler from the options menu, as it comes up with better results than decompyle++. Have a look at some of wots scripts that Omegaice has decompiled on his github: Wot Decompiled This can give you a hint of what to expect and where to look for a specific thing you want to change. You can do amazing things modding python alone in WoT and it is quite easy to maintain, compared to modding flash files. Some programming experience comes in handy, but I can assure you, python is a pretty easy to learn and understand language. There are a lot of things written about python in general on the web, so I trust you can find the basics simply by googling for python tutorials. Once you have done that, you need to get a python 2.7 installation for recompiling your changed scripts. I prepared a python 2.7.1 release version for you on my Mediafire and added two batchscripts that can be used to decompile and recompile python scripts for WoT with this. uncompile.bat will decompile the script specified (edit the *.bat file) to py. The compile.bat will recompile the py script you wrote into the batch file (edit the *.bat file) back to pyc so it can be used by WoT. A good way to learn modding, is decompiling some python based mods to see how it is done. Very useful to learn about function wrapping and hooking as well as learning how to do xml config file parsing. You can check out the UT announcer, TeamHPPools, Scope Shadow Removal or even my more complicated Minimap scripts by directly decompiling the pyc files found inside. As always: If you got specific problems or questions, feel free to contact me though the contacts page of this website.

So you want to be a modder?

Part 1: Simple Things

Part 3: python script modding

Part 2: swfmill xml decoding and encoding


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