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Classic reload cross 910

Just the classic old WoT style crosshairs with reload timer. Asia Server Thread by Serene_Potato: ASIA Forum Thread ASIA Forum Thread

To be done…

Mod to be made.. Download

To be done…

Mod to be made.. Download

Silent battle start timer 99

Tired of hearing 25 seconds of ticking during the start of battle? Download Download

Team HP Pools 99

Keeps track of combine hitpoints of both teams and displays them handy. Also shows damage necessary to get High Caliber. Download Download

Waggon visibility 99

Enhances visibility of certain flatbed train waggons on all maps. Download Download

Allied Outlines 981

Always display the silouhettes of allied vehicles. Prevents accidents and lets you know what your teammates are doing. Download Download

Damage Panel Mod 981a

Damage Panel by Shtys, modified. Has prominent fire display, received damage log and centered modules, healthbar and crew icons for fast repair clicking. Download Download

UT announcer 910

Arcadey Unreal Tournament Announcer mod. Announces certain achievements, kills and warns when battle time nears the end. Now Updated and Maintained by Negative_One. See Download section on his Website:

locastans cmplt 99 alpha

All my mods, plus some extras. Basically the WoT setup I play with. Download Download

UI scaling mod 981

Allows to scale the in battle UI elements in order to be bigger or smaller than default. Useful for very big/small resolution monitors. Download Download

Scope Shadow Removal 99

Removes the scope shadow in sniper mode and the greenish tint from coated optics. Download Download

HD Minimaps 910

Enhanced HD Minimaps with zoom function, several key ranges and textfields all customizeable via MMap.xml. Updated and maintained by ShuraBB and his team on RU forums: RU Forum (Google Translate) RU Forum (Google Translate)

Session Statistics 99

Detailed Session stats and Colored battle Reports and ingame notification Popups telling you when a match ended. Download Download

Radial Menu 910

Radial Menu (Z-Menu/Command Rose) allowing for customized commands to help yourself and your teammates to organize attacks/retreats and other things. Updated and maintained by YanoErika and SinaMafuyu on NA forums. NA Forum Thread NA Forum Thread
More variants… More variants… More variants… More variants…